Kristian Hoffman

& is a summation of Kristian Hoffman's gifts as a songwriter from the epic to the intimate--an unerring knack for the perfect pop melody.
17 Tracks

The Halcyon Band

Packed with frantically strummed guitars, vintage West Coast harmonies and bursts of Who-like energy … immediately familiar, but with enough mystery to make you crave repeated spins.
10 Tracks

Jonny Polonsky
"There Is Something wrong With You"

Pop music as simply catchy and infectious as that of Polonsky's heroes The Beatles and The Monkees.
6 Tracks

"A Beautiful Story..."
by andrew

... an adventure in sound with accompaniment from the orchestral sounds!
14 Tracks

Mike Randle
"My Music Loves You"

Co-founder/singer/songwriter/guitarist (along with Rusty Squeezebox) of BABY LEMONADE, one of California’s coolest and busiest band.
11 Tracks

Rusty Squeezebox

Solo debut from RUSTY SQUEEZEBOX, perhaps better known as the co - founding singer/songwriter/guitarist (along with Mike Randle) of BABY LEMONADE, one of LA’s favorite bands.
11 Tracks

the jigsaw seen

A dazzling mix of melodic hues with equal shades of darkness and brilliance.
11 Tracks

Jupiter Affect
"Instructions for the two
ways of becoming Alice"

The Jupiter Affect's mission is to reacquaint the listening public with the joys of sweet melodies, memorable choruses and balls-in-a-vice harmonies, driving it all home with plenty of pure rock power.
13 Tracks

John Easdale
"Bright Side"

Solo debut from the singer/songwriter of DRAMARAMA
12 Tracks

the Crowd Scene
"Turn Left at Greenland"

The art of songwriting still knows it's way from England to America

11 Tracks

Action Figures
"Big Wonderful"

Debut from Washington DC's premiere pop band.
13 Tracks

"Million Dollar Movie"

baroque pop, amazingly hooky
5 Tracks

Kristian Hoffman
"Earthquake Weather"

60's flavored baroque psychedelia with snaches of glitter rock

14 Tracks


Lo-Fi, Indie-Ethos blurry sonic melodies

8 Tracks

Action Figures
"little citizens"

Second album of sonic pop from DC wonderboys.
12 Tracks

Jill Olson
"The Gal Who Would Be King"

Former leader of Movie Stars steps out on her won - Patsy Cline does Revolver!
10 Tracks

Action Figures

Featuring "Lauraville", "Nine O'clock" and three previously unreleased tracks.
6 tracks

Various Artists
"Melody Fair - songs of the Bee Gees by ..."

Tribute to the Bee Gees of the psychedelic 60's
21 Tracks

Kristian Hoffman
"I Don't Love My Guru Anymore"

The former leader of the Mumps and Swinging Madisons unleashes his pop cynicism on the 90's!
13 Tracks

Various Artists
"Sing Hollies In Reverse"

Tribute to one of the most underated bands of the British Invasion
21 Tracks

"Fatal Charm"

23 irresistible pop anthems from the quintessential New York scenesters.
23 Tracks

The Bent Backed Tulips
"looking through ..."

The Great Lost Dramarama album!
20 Tracks

Various Artists
"listen and learn with vibro-phonic"

Rarities, b-sides and previously unreleased
tracks from some of today's brightest stars.
15 Tracks

Mars Needs Women
"Sparking Ray Gun"

Full-fledged buzz guitar assault - Cheap Trick meets the MC5.
12 Tracks

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