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Big Wonderful

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Comprised of Twelve topical-edged originals and a somnambulate version of Snip's NINE O'CLOCK, BIG WONDERFUL leads you through a stratified emotional inventory and dumps you at the beach. The title track, BIG WONDERFUL BLUE, emerges as the only obligatory environmental anthem within the play list. As the trees burn and chlorinated effluent oozes between our toes, their Beatlesque rendition builds in a swirling desperation to an inescapable conclusion: (Hint-Homer Simpson is the Walrus!) The first single, BIRDHOUSE, is a powerful lament of a flighty afterdark relationship that has flown the coop. SHE SCREAMS ELVIS IS KING is a further catharsis regarding the only American monarch since George Washington. We are assured in our chuckling that this thing will never end until Priscilla is on a stamp. FLAG GIRL explores the modern drama a feminine semaphore impacting heavy construction in the western world. "I love your hat." A chillingHAVING FUN WITH MY GUN transcends anything that the NRA or the Washington Post can muster. WHEN PATTY TALKS features a cameo performance by a dyed-in-the-wool conversational specialist and psycho-social therapist. Great stuff. NEW CHRISTY MINSTREL and AMERICAN CRAWL both offer vast open-sky panoramas from some pathological travelog featuring introspective subtitles. ACTION FIGURES (affectionately monikered "The FIGS" by their creditors), are 4 Virginia lads who have diligently kept their noses to the recording head for 2 years in meticulous production of BIG WONDERFUL. Their perseverance has paid off with a clean, full bodied CD which enjoys an everlasting favorable reception.

The Songs

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"Big Wonderful" was produced by Greg Dwinnell & Action Figures
Engineered by Ken Schubert
Recorded & mixed at CUE Studios, Falls Church, VA
Mastered by Steve Griffen at the Shack, Hollywood, CA
Art Design by Greg Dwinnel & Chris Piller with Susan Martin
Cover Photo: Pop Culture Archives/Michael Stern Photo

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