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Artist Title Cat No. Price
Action Figures Big Wonderful ER80008CD $12.99
Action Figures Little Citizens ER80016CD $12.99
Action Figures Lauraville- ER80021CD $7.99
Andrew A Beautiful Story DL12009 $12.99
Andrew Million Dollar Movie ER80026CD $7.99
The Bent Backed Tulips Looking Through ER80015CD $12.99
The Bent Backed Tulips Tie Me Down (7") ER80017 $4.00
Charley Slugger ER80024CD $7.99
The Crowd Scene Turn Left at Greenland ER80027CD $12.99
John Easdale Bright Side ER80037CD $12.99
The Halcyon Band Sirocco ER80033CD $12.99
The Jigsaw Seen Zenith DL12008 $12.99
Jupiter Affect Instructions for the two ways of becoming Alice ER80028CD $12.99
Kristian Hoffman & ER80032CD $12.99
Kristian Hoffman Earthquake Weather ER80023CD $12.99
Kristian Hoffman I Don't Love My Guru Anymore ER80009CD $12.99
Kristian Hoffman He Means Well (7") ER80025 $4.00
Mars Need Women Sparking Ray Gun ER80019CD $12.99
Mumps Fatal Charm ER80011CD $12.99
Jill Olson The Gal Who Would Be King ER80022CD $12.99
Jonny Polonsky There Is Something Wrong With You ER80031CD $7.99
Mike Randle My Music Love You ER80029CD $12.99
Rusty Squeezebox Isotopes ER80030CD $12.99
Various Artists listen and learn with vibro-phonic DL12007 $9.99
Various Artists Melody Fair ER80012CD $12.99
Various Artists Melody Four (7") ER80013PR $4.00
Various Artists Sing Hollies In Reverse ER80018CD $12.99
T-Shirt John Easdale - Bright Side   $12.99


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